Surgeon, Author, And Inspiring Speaker, Dr. Seun Adetayo, Writes About A Netflix Series That Shines A Positive And Important Light On The Field Of Plastic Surgery.

Surgeon, Author, And Inspiring Speaker, Dr. Seun Adetayo, Writes About A Netflix Series That Shines A Positive And Important Light On The Field Of Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Seun Adetayo, renowned plastic surgeon, author, and inspiring speaker, inspired when she learned about a Netflix series that speaks to the essential nature of plastic surgery, writes about the history and importance of plastic surgery that emerged out of reconstructive needs due to wartime injuries, birth differences, and traumatic accidents.

OMAHA, NE – November 18, 2020 – Dr. Seun Adetayo, renowned plastic surgeon, author, and inspiring speaker, has posted a new blog on her website entitled, “Highlighting The Essential Nature Of Plastic Surgery In Helping Children And Adults,in which Dr. Adetayo dispels a current common notion that plastic surgery is merely an elective cosmetic procedure.

Dr. Adetayo writes, “When most people think about plastic surgery, they tend to think about elective cosmetic plastic surgery.” She adds, “Many people consider plastic surgery to be “superficial.” However,” Dr. Adetayo explains, “plastic surgery emerged out of the need for reconstruction in various parts of the body; and the crucial role of the specialty was brought to public light by wartime injuries that led to reconstructive needs for injured soldiers and civilians.” She continues adding, “The field of plastic surgery includes reconstruction of birth defects, accidents, cancer, and other conditions needing restoration of appearance and function. As plastic surgery evolved over time, the elective cosmetic aspect of the specialty blossomed later.”

“I was quite excited when I found out about a Netflix show highlighting the very real essential nature of plastic surgery,” writes Dr. Adetayo, adding, “In addition to the importance of the field, it also highlights the importance of women surgeons in the medical field. The series, entitled, Skin Decision: Before and After, turns its attention to the importance of plastic surgery that dispels the common “cosmetic only” perception.”

Dr. Adetayo cites and shares the opinion of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons at, which states, “Several people on the show have overcome traumatic events, and their emotional backstories and reasons for seeking cosmetic surgery will likely tug on viewers’ heartstrings.”



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About Dr. Adetayo

Dr. Seun Adetayo currently practices in Omaha, Nebraska. She is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon and a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.  She is a Professor of Surgery, and Chief of Pediatric Plastic Surgery.

Dr. Adetayo is unique in her field. As a gifted surgeon operating in a competitive field, Dr. Adetayo is also the first foreign-born (Nigerian) female minority surgeon to have built a successful nationally accredited multidisciplinary program for children with birth defects in Northeastern New York. She continued in this trajectory of helping patients and families as she now heads the Division of Pediatric Plastic Surgery where she serves as the Chief at the Children’s Hospital.  Her journey has been dedicated to caring for patients and their families; mentorship for students, residents, and faculty; advocacy for legislation at local and national level; research; education; and community engagement and leadership. She shares her journey and strategies for success via her print material, meeting panels, blogs and speaking engagements.

Dr Adetayo has authored several book chapters in leading texts, including the second edition of Comprehensive Cleft Care which is an authoritative text volume on cleft and craniofacial disorders and treatment.  She also authored a chapter in the Family Companion Guide for educating patients and families with cleft and craniofacial diagnoses. She was also the author of the chapter on treatment of zygoma fractures in the text Operative Techniques in Plastic Surgery.

She has received over 40 awards and recognition, and her work has resulted in over 50 published works and over 60 presented works at regional, national, and international meetings. She is published in peer-reviewed publications in leading journals including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Cleft Palate Craniofacial Journal, Annals of Plastic Surgery, Journal of Craniofacial Surgery, and Journal of Neurosurgery and Pediatrics.

Dr Adetayo plays an important role in mentoring and education in surgery, healthcare, and professional circles. She served as an invited surgeon and surgical educator during her last mission trip to Zimbabwe, where she served as the lead surgeon and guest lecturer for various hands-on plastic surgical reconstructions and teaching sessions. She is active in Women In Leadership lectures and advocacy. She served as a speaker for the Synthes collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Company on Improving Cultural Competence and Ethnic Diversity in Healthcare, and was one of four selected panelist speakers on Pioneering Women in Reconstructive Surgery International Program by L’Oreal in conjunction with Resurge International. She was an invited speaker at the 2019 Healthcare Finance Management Association (HFMA) annual Women In Leadership Conference in upstate New York. In January 2020, she served as the Keynote Speaker for the Stryker Women’s Network National Conference National Women in Surgery and Leadership event in California.

Dr. Adetayo has served in various community leadership positions including Chairperson of the Long Beach Rescue Mission, Co-President of the Phi Delta Epsilon Premedical Society, Co-President of the Pritzker REMEDY Cuba Medical Aid Mission, Coordinator of the Chicago Local Chapter of the Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention (ASAP) program for inner city Chicago school kids. She currently serves as Managing Editor and Co-Chair of the Learning Resource Committee of the American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (ACPA).

She has been involved in various medical education and surgical trips to several countries including Cuba, Haiti, Nigeria, Peru, and Zimbabwe as educator and surgeon.  She was awarded a Diploma of Honor conferred by the President of the Congress of the Republic of Peru.  She collaborates on meaningful initiatives with various international organizations including Rotary International and The Smile Train on improving surgical outcomes, healthcare delivery, patient safety, and quality control standards in surgical reconstruction. She continues to be active in advocacy, and philanthropic efforts in developing children and advancing communities.