When Your Work Is A Labor Of Love The Rewards Are Many

As I write this blog in honor of Labor Day, Monday, September 7, 2020, I am reminded of the privilege and pleasure of working with my wonderful patients and their families, as well as my amazing staff and hospital leadership team, to continually be a positive force for change in the medical field, in the surgical world, and in patient’s lives.

To see a smile on a child’s face and the joy that families experience when their loved one is restored to their innate appearance and function, is beyond the power of words to fully describe. It is an honor and pleasure for me to build a team, system and program that gives kids and families the utmost best in their healthcare needs. Additionally, the opportunity to partner along with individuals and my organization in working for equitable opportunities for men and women of diverse ethnicity, race, inclusivity, and background in the healthcare profession are great steps towards positive progress. It is exceptionally rewarding to help shape and impact the current and next generation of trainees and healthcare providers and organizations.

During Labor Day weekend, I received notification of an incredible honor that my work and publication on Cultural Competence and Ethnic Diversity in Healthcare, won the “Honorable Mention: Best Special Topic Paper” award in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery- Global Open for calendar year 2019! This is an extraordinary honor from one of the few leading international journals in the field of Plastic Surgery.  I am so excited and grateful for the recognition, and I hope this opens up new perspectives and pathways for the upcoming generations not only in the areas of cultural competence and ethnic diversity in healthcare, but also for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all.

Even though this piece is being published after Labor Day, I want to express my deepest appreciation to the millions of working men and women who have stayed the course through this pandemic to serve the needs of their fellow beings. Ranging from those supporting their kids at home, to supermarket employees, to hospital staff and all individuals whose skills and service provide the infrastructure of this great country, your service is even more profoundly appreciated this year. Thank you for all you do. I hope your work is and continues to be the much-needed labor of love as we serve one another.